Are Air Jordan golf shoe's over hyped?

With the new release of the Air Jordan 4 Golf “White Cement” coming on March 4th, it begs the question:  Are Air Jordan golf shoes played out/over hyped?


We took a poll in our office and on Instagram to let the data speak for itself, but first, here’s my 2 cents about Jordan’s for the course:


Air Jordan 4 Golf “White Cement”



I personally would never wear J’s on the course, but I get why some dudes rock them. I think it looks odd to be rocking a high top with a belt and tucked in shirt.  The proportions of this are all wrong. Another reason is that Jordan’s just don’t resonate with me. I love the culture around Air Jordan’s, but over the last couple years the constant delivery of these shoes has been so often that they have lost their prestige. Air Jordan needs to pull back on the releases and get back to having people desire them, or even better - just leave them to the streets. Of course, my opinion doesn’t matter, and neither should anyone else's if you like them. If they make you feel cool, then wear the hell out of them.


 Air Jordan 4 Golf “White Cement”


Here’s what the rest of the Devereux crew had to say


DVRX: Are Air Jordans for the course played out? Zach is one of our trendy graphic designers who has a good sense of style.


Zach: I am not sure if they are played out yet, but they seem to be releasing a pair very often. When I saw Air Jordan launch into the golf space I thought it was cool but now I don’t even pay attention to it because they release them too often. I also, think from a styling point that is not the best look for the golf crowd just because they look awkward in that setting. I think I am going to say, yeah, they are played.


DVRX: Thank you, Zach. Good answer and I agree with a lot of that.  Next let’s ask a lady of the office. Lisa is our Marketing Director and with a more sophisticated style than the Air Jordan culture. So, Lisa, are Air J’s in golf played?


Lisa: Um, I don’t really care or mind them. I don’t exactly see why one would want to wear them to golf, but I say do your thing. Lol, is that ok to say? My answer is no by the way, but if my boyfriend wore them on the course, I think I would cringe. I also don’t think they look that comfortable for golfing.


DVRX: Very Helpful lol. I don’t know if they are comfortable to play in. I don’t think I could play in a high top. Thank you for your answer. I love a woman’s take on guy’s style. Next! Are J’s played, Josh? Josh is the “golfer” in the office, and we like to think that he is the best representation of all golfers. Josh is another designer that is very optimistic so let’s hear what he thinks.


Air Jordan 4 Golf “White Cement”


Josh: Meh, yeah bruh.  Not only are Jordan’s played for the course put they look dorky af. You won’t see me golfing in those, ever. Haha for sure played! But there are some dudes that can pull it off and I respect that.


DVRX: You seem a little too passionate about this “J”. Will is next up to answer the question. Will is one of the founders of Devereux and I already know he does not care for the “hype” culture. So, Will, are J’s played for the course?


Will: What are those? I wear Foot Joy golf shoes.


DVRX: Air Jordan golf shoes, did you not get the memo?


Will: Oh, Air Jordan’s are NOT played. I think they are cool; I mean they aren’t for me but I get it. Not played. Can I go back to work now?


DVRX: Haha. That is a very Will answer. Short and to the point. That will do. Next up, is our cool intern who is very passionate about the fashion industry so let’s see what he thinks. Jake, are Air Jordan’s for golf played?


Jake: I mean, personally I think they are cool. I like seeing the progression of streetwear cultural come into the game. J’s are basically cool everywhere and don’t miss when they come to golf. J’s will never be played, anywhere!


DVRX: Finally, a well-articulated answer. Well said. I want to ask anyone reading the questions and send us your answer in our DM’s on Instagram @dvrxthreads. Are J’s Played/over hyped?  If you do not think they are played then shop them here



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