About Devereux

Devereux Brother Will and Robert Brunner on the trailer in Phoenix, Arizona.


We started Devereux in 2013 to bring a fresh take on what was the stale world of golf. As the world evolved, we evolved – but the game had been stuck. We love the game, respect the sport and we honor the traditions, but we knew we needed to start delivering a lifestyle that would allow for golf to be more inclusive, inviting, and straight-up less boring.That being said, we decided to make some changes to deepen our connection with customers, have more freedom in how we design and price our apparel, and better manage our brand messaging. This meant stepping out of wholesale, moving Direct-To-Consumer, and focusing on our community through reimagining the role we could play in growing the game. What can you expect from us now? New products dropped more frequently, designed the way we like it, and priced without unnecessary mark-ups.




West Texas is known for one thing: oil... not fashion... Needless to say, growing up in a small Texas town, fashion was hard to come by and the options were bland. Despite this, our family always made dressing well a priority, but as time went on, so did the same boring apparel assortment. Fast forward a few years, 2 geology degrees and 2 promising oil-industry jobs later, Bert decided to do the polar opposite thing he was doing and went to design school. Shortly thereafter Devereux was born. Creating this brand was about creating what we couldn't find.


Devereux was named after our grandmother, Devereux Brunner. Although small in stature, she was quite the powerhouse who raised 2 sons, which we personally know is no easy feat (and if you've ever met a Brunner man you can imagine). She was rad- she was passionate about supporting her community, attending social gatherings, and wouldn't you know it... golf.  As brothers in this business we strive to not only create great apparel but to be a little more like the OG Devereux in the way that we cultivate community.


'Play More, Complain Less' is exactly what it sounds like. As humans, it's easy to complain, but we're just trying to do less of it. Whether we're hunkered down in the office, spending time with our friends + families, or taking advantage of the great weather afforded to us here in Phoenix, Arizona, we try to remain grateful for the good parts and take the bad parts in stride. And while this motto is insanely relevant in golf, you can apply our 'Play More, Complain Less' mantra to whatever it is that you do. In fact, we encourage it- we just want you to play more of it all while complaining less about it.


 The concept of G*LF was started by a joke often told by our dad – “Do you know why they call this game ‘golf’? Because all the other four letter words were taken”. This joke evolved into what is now the culture of our brand. G*LF is about real golfers – good ones, bad ones, mediocre ones - who play to have fun, even though it can be frustrating as hell. We aim to make G*LF a cultural movement to progress the game - to relax and have more fun, to bend the rules and do it your way. G*LF welcomes everyone to the game, no matter how well you play. We just want to have a real experience. So-what if you don’t break 80 or have the best f*ng swing- it’s about having a damn good time on the course with your friends and enjoying every moment – the good and the bad.