Bulk Orders

Devereux provides a bulk order option for customers and businesses looking to purchase larger quantities of apparel. Bulk purchasing includes but is not limited to tournament team outfitting, uniforms, apparel gifting, etc.. Read below to see if bulk purchasing is a good option for you, and if so, please reach out with your inquiries. 


What qualifies as a bulk order?
Bulk orders are purchases that consist of 11 or more items of the same style and color. Uniform orders for teams of 11 or more people are also considered bulk orders. 

How do I get a quote?
To receive more information about our pricing or to receive a quote on a potential order, contact us and provide as many specifics regarding the order as possible:
  • Exact URL, color(s), and quantities you are interested in
  • The specific reason for the bulk order
  • The address you would like the order shipped to
  • Date the order must arrive by
  • Any potential plans to reorder this product in the future (i.e. future team members, entire team reorders, etc.)
Once we receive your email, we will get back to you regarding whether or not we are able to fulfill the order. 


How do I place an order?
Once you've received your quote and determine that you'd like to proceed, we will send you an invoice. At that time, we will also ask for your payment information. You will be able to review your invoice and confirm your order before proceeding to payment. 
Upon receipt of your payment information, we will place your order and will follow up with your receipt as well as tracking information when your order has shipped.


Do you fulfill international bulk order?
At this time we currently do not offer international orders


Do you offer samples?
We do not send out samples at this time. If you would like to sample a product before ordering, please place an order directly through our website’s standard checkout process.


Do you offer embroidery / screen printing customization
In most cases, yes. We do offer embroidery for an additional $3 per piece. You must provide the .DST file along with color specifications prior to placing your order. Screen printing options and pricing will be determined on a case-by-case basis. 


Do you offer wholesale accounts?
We are committed to providing accessible pricing for our customers by eliminating the additional product markups that occur when products are sold through third-party vendors, but are open to discussing wholesale opportunities. Contact us with any inquiries.


Do you offer discounts? How big of a discount can I expect on my order?
We do offer discounts on qualifying bulk orders. Discounts are largely dependent upon a variety of factors such as the style, and color of the products you order. Upon acquiring information from you about your bulk order request, we will determine an appropriate bulk discount that we can offer you.


Can I bulk order items that are out of stock?
We may be able to accommodate your order. If a specific color / size of a product you’d like to bulk order is out of stock on our website or only available for pre-order, feel free to still let us know of your interest in your note. 


Can I return all or part of my bulk order?
We are unable to accept returns of bulk orders at this time.


What shipping options do you offer for bulk orders and how long do they take to arrive?
We ship all bulk orders with Fedex Ground Shipping and the pricing will be included in your quote. Your order will ship within 1-3 business days of payment confirmation if no embroidery or screen printing is needed.
Can I use my own FedEx / UPS Account for bulk orders?
Yes. Be sure to note that you will be using your own shipping account and include which provider you will be using. We will be sure to omit shipping charges from your quote.
Can I pick up my Bulk Order from your Tempe, AZ warehouse?
Yes. If you live in the Phoenix Metro area and are interested in picking up in-person, feel free to let us know and we will schedule a pickup window.


What forms of payment do you accept on bulk orders?
We accept payment by credit card and check. Please note that we are only able to place your bulk order once we have received payment, so we advise payment by credit card if you require a quick shipping turnaround.

Do you charge credit card fees on bulk orders?
We do not charge any fees for bulk order payments by credit card.

Do you charge sales tex on bulk orders?
We charge sales tax on bulk orders shipping to select states in accordance with their local tax ordinances.