What are the Ten Best Golf Tips for a Novice?

Every green jacket-wearer was once new to the game. At some point, they picked up their clubs for the first time. They developed their swing through practice, got advice from seasoned golfers and coaches and gained experience by spending time on courses. No matter what your age, you can do the same as a beginner and get satisfaction from getting better and better each time you play. These golf tips for beginners can help you hone your skills and improve your game.

1. Take Lessons

Getting some assistance from an experienced pro early on is one of the most important golf tips for new golfers. Some beginners think they should hold off on lessons until they've played for a while, but this can be a big mistake. Starting off with lessons means learning the proper form at the beginning. Holding off may mean developing bad habits that you'll need to eliminate. Plus, an instructor can give you additional golf tips and tricks based on their experience with the game. To find an instructor, check local clubs and ask experienced golfers that you know for referrals.

2. Practice, Practice, Practice

Practice Golf

A list of the best golf tips would be lacking if it didn't emphasize the importance of practicing frequently. While an instructor can show you the proper form, you need to keep practicing to build the muscle memory needed to use it every time you swing. Make sure to practice both your short and long games. Varying your methods of practice is a smart move. You can play a public course, head to a par-three or even play mini golf with friends and family.

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3. Visit a Driving Range

Visiting a driving range regularly is among the top golf tips because it's a simple, yet powerful way to develop your swing. Practice with multiple clubs, so you can get familiar with how they feel and perform. You'll build muscle memory and have fun in the process, practicing in a relaxed atmosphere that is far less likely to feel overwhelming than a full course.

4. Use the Right Equipment

Using the right equipment is always on the list of ultimate golf tips. To play your best, you need to use clubs that are ideal for your body's unique mechanics. Many beginners make the mistake of buying clubs without professional fitting. Unfortunately, this can lead to buying clubs that don't work well for you. Swinging clubs that aren't the right fit can lead you to develop bad habits that can make it hard to play well even if you eventually undergo a fitting, so get your game off to the best possible start by seeking the help of an expert when you buy your first set of clubs.

5. Brush Up On Your Etiquette

Using good etiquette on the course is more than just good manners. It's also one of the most important golf tips. Remembering to do simple things like staying still when another golfer is playing and managing your time wisely to avoid delays can help you avoid conflicts on the course. The last thing that you want is for a dispute to spoil the fun of the game or to wreck your concentration. Check out our etiquette golf tips for beginners to learn more.

6. Tee It Forward

USGA and The PGA of America launched the Tee it Forward initiative to encourage golfers to use tees that are suited to their driving distance. Studies have found that 56% of those who did played faster and that 85% said they had more fun because they felt less stressed. Follow the advice of the experts by teeing it forward during your early games. As you develop the necessary skill to increase your average drive length, you can move your game further back.

7. Be Prepared

Being prepared for anything is one of the best golf tips for new golfers because it can greatly reduce distractions and help you fully enjoy your round. Remember that a full round will usually mean at least 4 hours on the course. Weather conditions can change rapidly, so be sure to bring along sun protection like sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses as well as a pack-able water-resistant or waterproof coat. Have a water bottle handy, so you can stay well hydrated and wear comfortable shoes to keep your feet happy through all that walking.

8. Buy Cheap Golf Balls

Here's one of those golf tips and tricks many people don't know: high-end balls aren't necessary when you're just starting. You will likely lose a lot of balls early on, and being concerned about all the money wasted can take your mind out of the game. Instead of buying the best of the best, look for inexpensive options that you can buy in bulk.

9. Relax

At Devereux, our tagline is "Golf More. Complain Less." for a reason. Keeping the game stress-free is one of the most important golf tips for beginners. If you feel disappointed in your performance or start to get frustrated, take some deep breaths. Relaxing your mind will help to keep your body limber so that you can maintain your form. No matter how you played, be sure to unwind when the round ends. Have a drink in the clubhouse or find a spot to catch up with your friends in the fresh air.

Golf Accessories

10. Golf In Style

Dressing sharp on the course won't just have you looking your best. The right clothing can help you stay focused and give you the freedom of movement needed to support your fullest swing. Casual, yet comfortable golf clothes can also shield you from the elements. At Devereux, we make functional golf apparel that transitions from the links to the street and can help you find everything you need to dress for success.

Get Golfing

Keeping these top golf tips in mind can help you make your first rounds more fun and productive. You can get started following them by shopping the full line of golf attire available at Devereux. You can also find accessories like socks and hats to complete your for-the-course wardrobe, or head covers to dress up your clubs in style.

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