Carbonwood Era


     Two weeks into the new year, Taylormade released their newest technology for 2022 and it has the golf world in a frenzy. Here’s a breakdown of all the details you need to know about the Taylormade Stealth and the new era of carbonwoods.



     Taylormade has made the biggest splash in 2022 amongst competitors by introducing the very first carbon-faced driver ever. According to Taylormade, the development of this driver technology dates back 20 years in development. The 60-layer carbon face is faster and lighter than any other Taylormade driver previously made, resulting in faster ball speed for every player who puts the club in the bag. Upon first glance, the driver definitely looks different than anything else on the market. Since the Stealth release, our opinion of the design has changed quite a bit. Initially we thought the driver was just too bright and out there, however after seeing it in videos and in the hands of tour players at the Sentry Tournament of Champions, the vibrant red and black is eye-catching in all the right ways. If you aren’t a fan of the black and red Stealth, Taylormade is also offering the MyStealth Plus Driver, which allows you to customize the look of the driver and make it your own. This option is available for an additional $100 on top of the already expensive club, which may be the only downside to this new technology. It’s nice to see a company like Taylormade push the boundaries and create something completely different after a few years where it felt like every golf club manufacturer just put out a variation of the same product. This new era of carbonwoods sparks the question of whether other companies will adopt similar technologies in the near future or this will be a Taylormade exclusive for years to come. Let us know your thoughts on Taylormade's newest line of drivers!


2022 Taylormade Carbonwood Driver Lineup

Stealth Driver - $579.99
Stealth HD - $579.99
Stealth Plus Driver - $599.99
MyStealth Plus - $699.99

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