Changes Coming to PGA in 2023 (Because of LIV Golf)

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In 1916, the Professional Golfers Association (PGA) formed and for more than a century was the dominant organizer of professional golf tournaments in the U.S. and North America. That changed in 2022 when LIV Golf debuted. Owned by a Saudi Arabian investment fund, LIV Golf now operates a separate tour. The arrival of the new tour sparked controversy due to both LIV Golf's ties to the Saudi Arabian royal family and the PGA's decision to prohibit golfers who participate in LIV events from playing in official PGA tournaments.

Now that the inaugural calendar year for LIV Golf has come to an end, we thought it would be a good time to look ahead to what's next for professional golf. Read on to learn more about the 2023 LIV Golf schedule and recently announced PGA changes for 2023.

Recent News and Movement with LIV Golf

There have been many big LIV Golf schedule 2023 announcements. Here's a roundup of the latest news:

  • Expansion into Australia: On November 13, LIV Golf announced plans to hold tournaments in Australia for several years. The first-ever LIV Golf Australia event will be LIV Golf Adelaide, which is slated to take place April 21-23, 2023.
  • Larger lineup: LIV Golf has shared that 48 players will participate in 12 team franchises in 2023. In addition, there will be 12 additional reserve players who will play if any regular golfer is unable to due to injury or scheduling conflicts.
  • Bigger purse: For 2023, the total prize money up for grabs at LIV Golf tournaments will total $405 million. In 2022, players vied for total prizes of only $225 million.
  • More events: LIV Golf hasn't shared much about the actual schedule but revealed there will be 14 events, six more than last year. The season opener will likely take place in February, and there are rumors that tournaments will be held in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and North and Latin Americas, as well as Australia. Some speculate that two of the venues will be Real Club Valderrama in Valderrama, Spain, and Trump International Ireland in Doonbeg County, Ireland.

PGA Tour Changes For 2023

LIV Golf isn't the only one shaking things up next year. Recently, some big PGA Tour changes have also been announced, including:

  • More events: One of the biggest PGA changes is the addition of four new elevated events. In 2023, the PGA will host 12 elevated events instead of the usual eight. Each of these events will award purses of at least $20 million. Providing more opportunities for top players to win big cash prizes seems to be the PGA's answer to criticism that golfers on the tour are underpaid.
  • Commitment from players: PGA has struck a deal to ensure that the top 20 players each participate in at least 20 PGA events during the 2023 season.
  • Expanded Player Impact Program: In 2023, the PGA will split $100 million between the 20 players who generate the most interest in golf, double the amount awarded in 2022.
  • Earnings Assurance Program: One of the major PGA rule changes for 2023 is the creation of a new program that allows all fully exempt players to earn guaranteed income. Those who qualify will earn at least $500,000 and receive reimbursements for some travel expenses.

What to Expect for Professional Golf In 2023

The LIV Golf and PGA changes outlined above are the only facts we know for sure about what 2023 will bring for golf. However, many people are speculating about the future of LIV Golf and the PGA as separate tours. Many players are expressing interest in being both LIV Golf and PGA Tour participants. At some point, continuing to ban all players that participate in LIV will likely become untenable for the PGA. As a result, many insiders think that in 2023 or 2024, we will see changes to the PGA rules that free players to compete in LIV Golf.

Another possible development is a television deal for LIV Golf. In 2022, no major network or cable channel carried the events. A combination of the small size of the events and the controversy surrounding its ownership likely factored into this decision. Now that the tour has grown to more events and expanded to include more players, it is likely that at some point the tournament will strike a deal to televise the competitions.

A television deal would be a boon for LIV Golf, which is hoping to attract new fans as well as players. It would also be a blow for the PGA and could lead to a softening of their stance regarding the participation of players in both events. After all, the PGA is committed to spurring interest in golf as a sport. Televised tournaments would allow the LIV Golf players to build a bigger fan base, and the PGA may want to increase interest among those fans by allowing top LIV pros to play at their events.

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