Devereux's Top Choices for Golf Groomsmen Gifts

groomsmen golf gifts

A lot has changed about weddings in recent years. While couples are bucking many traditions, one that hasn't faded is the practice of presenting gifts to the wedding party. Most traditional etiquette holds that you should present each groomsman and the best man with a gift, and even if you're planning an unconventional wedding, you may want to adhere to that advice. After all, groomsmen devote time and money to being in your wedding party. The gifts that you give are a way of saying thank you, not only for being in your wedding but also for being someone special enough in your life to be worthy of the role in the first place.

Groomsmen gifts also serve as a lasting reminder of the day. They give your friends and family members a memento of the occasion that is more personal than the wedding favors you present to every guest. When you choose golf gifts for groomsmen, your presents can be even more memorable. Read on to learn more about giving groomsmen golf gifts and to discover some of our favorite items for gifting.

Why Choose Golf-Themed Groomsmen Gifts

When it comes to groomsmen gifts, golf gear is a smart option. Unlike many of the other traditional groomsmen gifts you find online and in stores, our golf-themed gifts are items that groomsmen can actually use and will be excited to receive. Options go well beyond groomsmen golf balls, too. Golf accessories are good choices because they're typically economical, one size fits all and reusable.

Devereux's Picks: Golf Gifts for Groomsmen

At Devereux, we focus on designing golf apparel and accessories for a younger generation of golfers. Our accessories can go from the course to the street with ease, and they are as functional as they are fashionable. As a result, giving your friends and family members groomsmen golf gifts from Devereux can have them looking and feeling their best on the course and off. Here are some of our favorite golf groomsmen gifts to consider:


  • Hats are a must for the golf course. Bucket hats, visors, dad hats and baseball caps provide shade to give your groomsmen a better view of the course and protect them from the rays of the sun. Devereux's golf hats are made to last, and many have ventilation features to help your groomsmen stay cooler during a round. If you are having an autumn and winter wedding, one of our cuffed beanies can give them a way to hit the course comfortably on mild days.

Head Covers:

  • If your groomsmen are avid golfers, they've likely invested a lot in their clubs, so why not choose golf gifts for groomsmen that can help their equipment stand the test of time? Our head covers protect golf clubs from scratches, scrapes and exposure to dust and weather all while showing off bold graphics that will set your friends and family members apart on the course. We carry stylish, protective head covers for blade putters, mallet putters and other clubs.


  • Golf towels are accessories that offer big benefits, but many men don't buy them for themselves. As a result, towels as groomsmen golf gifts are thoughtful and appreciated. Choose ones from Devereux and your presents are also fun, as we design towels with standout graphics that will get them grinning. All of our golf towels are crafted out of absorbent microfiber, so they're perfect for quickly wiping clubs and balls clean.


  • If you want to give golf-themed groomsmen gifts that they can frequently use off the course, look no further than socks. Our golf socks are crafted from knits that are soft and breathable, yet also stretchy for a secure, slip-free fit. Each style features a contemporary graphic that will liven up denim as well as your groomsmen's apparel for the course.


  • When your groomsmen can't be on the fairways, they can feel closer to them by lighting one of our golf-themed candles. Each one has a scent inspired by the course and is made of premium soy wax for a cleaner burn. Options range from our Augusta-themed Peachy Candle with scents of peach nectar, mandarin, melon, magnolia, violet and sandalwood to Fresh Cut Fairway with earthy notes of fresh greenery, soil, grasses and ferns. Our jar candles burn for up to 50 hours, so your groomsmen can light them again and again. Plus, the labels feature modern typography that adds style to bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms.

Speaker Lid:

  • If your groomsmen love gadgets as much as they do golf, the NARWHAL Speaker Lid is sure to please. Sized to fit most 30-ounce stainless steel tumblers, including those from top brands, the lid prevents spills on the go while also providing a soundtrack for the day. It connects with mobile devices via Bluetooth from distances of up to 40 feet and has a battery life of 6 hours to play tunes throughout an entire day on the links. When your groomsmen get together for a round, they can link more than one speaker together for stereo sound.

Golf Groomsmen Gifts They'll Love

All of the items above make first-rate groomsmen golf gifts, but they're not only ideal for weddings. The stylish, functional golf apparel and accessories that we offer here at Devereux are also perfect for birthdays, Father's Day and graduations. And if you're a groomsman looking for a great gift for the groom, any of the above items are sure to be a good fit.

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