How to Improve Your Golf Game

Part of the fun of golf is developing your skills over time. Not only will new achievements on the course get you a better score, but they also can serve as a source of pride. Fostering self-confidence through improvements in performance is one of the biggest mental health benefits of golf. Whether you're an occasional player or an avid golfer, you can discover how to improve your golf game by looking to the pros. These proven golf tips and tricks trusted by professional golfers will show you how to improve your golf game quickly no matter your current skill level.

Golf Tips to Improve Your Golf Game

The following golf tips to improve your game come from top pros. They're the same techniques taught by many golf instructors and employed during professional training and competition. By following these quick tips to improve your golf game, you can begin to see positive changes on the course.

Get Fitted Properly

If you want to know how to improve your golf game quickly, start by focusing on your clubs. Many beginners and casual players mistakenly believe that fitting is only necessary for serious golfers. The truth is that everyone can benefit from the services of a professional fitter. Your form and your clubs are intertwined. Having the right club in hand allows you to maintain the proper form and supports swing development over time. Beginners who use the wrong clubs from the get-go may pick up bad habits that can detract from their performance.


Professional fitters analyze and monitor your swing to recommend the right club size, weight and lie angle that suits your unique style. They can also provide customized golf tips and tricks to enhance your technique.

Practice Golf Swing

Practice Your Swing

Perfecting your swing takes plenty of practice. By devoting serious time and attention to regular practice sessions, you're bound to see improvements in your game. Some ways to practice your swing include:

  • Working with a pro. Paying for a few golf lessons can give you a big return on your investment. Pros can quickly spot problems with your form that are limiting your swing and give you pointers to quickly improve your golf game.
  • Visiting the driving range. Get a bucket of balls and take the time to check your body alignment before each swing. The repetition can help you build muscle memory that can translate to better performance on the course.
  • Watching yourself. Ask a friend to film you on the fairway or at the driving range. Have them record your swings from various angles and then review the footage. Seeing yourself in action can raise your body awareness and show you how to improve your golf game by making modifications.


Workout sessions can add up to big benefits on the course. Here are some simple workout and golf tips to improve your game:

  • Get moving. Adults need roughly 150 minutes of moderately intense exercise per week to support heart health. Hitting that weekly goal can help to build your lung capacity, so you're less likely to become winded on the course.
  • Build strength. Your entire body contributes to your golf swing, making it important that you tone and condition all of your muscle groups. Weight lifting, using resistance bands or performing calisthenic exercises like push-ups and squats can help you develop muscle mass to increase the power of your swing. Aim for two full-body strength training workouts per week.
  • Stretch before you play. Stretching your arms, shoulders and legs before you take to the course can increase your range of motion by loosening up your muscles. In addition, stretching improves your flexibility to reduce your risk of injury.

Pose After Every Shot

Among the simple golf tips to improve your game, this one might be the easiest. After you finish your swing, hold the pose for a few seconds before relaxing. You see professional golfers do this all the time, and it's not just to add to the drama of the game. Holding your pose promotes muscle memory. Each time you do it, you can sense the balance in your swing and follow-through. Over time, this can help you better monitor your body position through each part of your swing for overall improvements in form.

Practice More

Once you have followed the above steps to improve your swing, head out to the course for some in game practice. Playing a few casual rounds before you get into a full game gives you a chance to apply what you've learned and integrate it into your game. The more you play, the more the optimal body mechanics will become second nature, decreasing the chances that you'll fumble when the pressure is on during an outing or tournament.

Complain Less

"Play More, Complain Less" isn't just our motto here at Devereux. It's sound advice if you want to learn how to improve your golf game. Peak performance on the course involves the mind as much as the body. When you adopt a more positive attitude, your overall mindset improves. This means you'll stress less when things don't go exactly as planned, and your body will stay more relaxed. In turn, that translates to a better swing.


Golf can have real mental health benefits. But to reap those, you need to avoid stressing about the game itself. Keep things in perspective and resist negative self-talk. Remember that even the pros don't play every round perfectly. When you have a disappointing game, review what went wrong and develop a strategy to avoid repeating the same mistakes. That might include revisiting the above golf tips and tricks by changing your workout routine or putting in more practice time.

Golf in Style

Golf More in Style

Don't expect these simple golf tips to improve your game overnight. While they can lead to big changes relatively quickly, you'll need to put in some work to see results. Also, don't forget about how dressing well can positively impact your game. The right golf apparel from Devereux can help you stay cooler, drier and more flexible on the course to up your game while ensuring that you're playing in style.


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