How to Keep Up Your Golf Game in the Winter

golf carts in the snow

With the cold weather quickly approaching, it’s easy to feel like the days on the golf course are numbered. It can be tough to get out there and enjoy a round on the course when the sun isn’t shining – especially when the temperatures require bundling up. For some, the Christmas tree comes out of the attic and is replaced with golf clubs for the season, but for others, Winter is the prime time to improve and refine skills. 

While the Winter Golf season enters full swing south of the Mason Dixon, it can be even more difficult to get on a course in the North. Whether you’re playing the winter season or taking a break until the spring, one thing is for certain – Winter is a great time to keep up your golf game. We’ve rounded up our top tips to hold you over until the spring. 

Practice at Home

It’s a common misconception that golf can only be played on the course. In the offseason, there are a multitude of ways you can practice and better your game without leaving the house. While it isn’t a substitute for course play, it can certainly keep your game from hibernating through the season, especially for those who live in colder climates. 

The easiest golf skill to work on at home is putting, providing you have carpeted floors somewhere in your home. The living room or the hallway are great places to practice. While it is no match for a real green, simply using a coffee mug or cup as your target can help you get a feel for things and remain in touch with your short game. 

Hit the Gym

Core strength is vital to your golf game, helping you to find the strength to hit out of tough positions (like heavy rough), or simply making it easier to walk the course while carrying your golf bag for 18 holes. Staying flexible and fit, alongside strength training and endurance training, will always help your golf game. If you’re looking for an edge on your competition next Spring, consider using the Winter off-season to hit the gym. You may be surprised at how much of a difference it makes. 

Find an Indoor Range

When the Winter cold is keeping you from hitting the range, opt for an indoor range instead. Practicing indoors can keep you warm and help you avoid tough conditions. Despite most indoor ranges requiring hitting a net at short distances, maintaining a consistent feel of your swing is a must to avoid declines in your game. Consider swinging with weighted clubs to help improve your timing and refine your swing while working on your consistency. An indoor range also offers a warm environment to work on your grip – the way you hold your grip can influence your swing, so use the off season to enhance your chances of success by refining the way you grip your clubs. 

Layer Up

It’s not that bad - we promise. Aside from the normal benefits like preparing for the upcoming season or maintaining your strength, getting outside can help your mental health, especially when you’re spending less time in the sun. It may seem like a good idea to throw on a bulky coat to keep you warm, but it’s better to dress in layers to insulate your body heat and help you maintain full range of motion while you practice or play. Consider a relaxed-fit winter jacket like the Flight Jacket that’s designed to minimize restrictions while still keeping you warm and dry, and invest in a good pair of Winter golf pants that keep you warm without adding bulk to your fit. Pullovers and hoodies are also great options. Keeping your head warm with a hat or a beanie is also a good way to maintain your temperatures on the course. Don’t forget the value of feeling in golf – when it all starts with the hands, it’s essential to keep the blood flowing – opt for gloves to wear between shots, or throw a pair of hand warmers in your pockets. 

With the cooler weather creeping in, don’t let the winter season be the time when your golf game slips amongst your competition. Take the opportunity to practice at home or indoors, and focus on refining your skills. If you’re planning to hit the course, make sure to add some cold-weather Devereux gear to your wardrobe and layer up. Check out the latest apparel and accessories we've designed with style, comfort and performance in mind, and don’t let the cold keep you from perfecting your play.

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