Ultimate Guide: How to Play Golf in the Cold

cold weather golf

Many people think of golf as a warm weather sport, but it doesn't have to be. Cold weather golf puts a unique spin on the game, as differences in course conditions bring new challenges that can help you continue to develop your skills.


During the winter months, fewer people take to the course meaning you have more freedom to play at your own pace. Some courses even offer discounts to draw players during the off-season.


If you want to reap all the benefits of cold weather golf, keep reading as we share our best tips for successful winter-weather golfing. 



  1. Walk Don't Ride

Winter is the time to skip the cart in favor of your own two feet. Walking increases your heart rate and raises your body temperature, providing a natural source of warmth. The heat generated by your body also helps to keep your muscles warm to increase your flexibility and provide for a fuller range of motion.


Plus, riding in the cart leaves you more vulnerable to the wind, which can make conditions feel much colder than they actually are. 



  1. Layer Up for Warmth

How well you dress for cold golf will have a big impact on how much you enjoy the game. A layered approach to dressing is your best bet, as each layer will help to retain your body heat and give you the flexibility to adjust your clothes as your body temperature rises and days become warmer in the afternoon.


To layer like a pro: 

  • Start with a short or long-sleeve golf tee or polo 
  • Add a pullover with a quarter-zip neck for mild days or a sweatshirt for colder ones 
  • Finish things off with a cardigan for warmer winter days or a jacket for colder conditions 


At Devereux, we have a diverse assortment of golf graphic tees, golf polos, pullovers and sweatshirts, and sweaters and jackets for you to mix and match. Our cold weather golf apparel is designed with style as much performance in mind, so you can wear everything off the course as well as on it and still look great. 



  1. Protect Your Hands

Your hands are especially vulnerable to frostbite, so covering up is the way to go. Keeping your hands covered during cold weather golf also helps maintain the finger flexibility needed to maintain an optimal grip.


You can find specialty insulated gloves that double as grip-enhancing golf gloves. When it's especially cold, slip a pair of hand warmers inside for added protection.



  1. Sport a Beanie

A cozy beanie is a must-have for cold weather golf. The knit fabric will reduce heat loss from your head and keep your forehead and ears protected from the chill in the air.


On sunny winter days, consider layering your beanie over a visor, bucket hat or baseball cap. Check out our selection of golf hats and beanies to find accessories you can wear layered and separately. 



  1. Club Up

Cold temperatures reduce the amount of ball compression, so it's normal to play shorter distances than you're used to. One way to account for this is to club up. For example, if you'd normally use an 8-iron for a particular shot, choose the 7-iron instead. 



  1. Switch Your Balls

Using different balls can also improve your cold weather golf game. The best golf ball for cold weather tends to be softer to provide a better feel. You may also want to consider using a brightly colored ball for better visibility. 



  1. Adjust Your Expectations

Golf is as much a mental game as it is a physical one. If you go into a cold weather round expecting to play the way you usually do, you may quickly become frustrated. Instead, adjust your expectations and acknowledge that stiffer turf and reduced ball compression will likely shorten your game. 



Rather than worrying about the distance you're achieving, focus instead on increasing your level of control and improving your alignment. Doing so will help make your rounds more enjoyable and can lead to big improvements in your game year-round. 



  1. Familiarize Yourself with Winter Rules

Some courses introduce special cold golf rules. For example, some courses have preferred-lie rules for winter, allowing you to pick up your ball, clean it and move it a set number of inches when it enters an area impacted by unfavorable conditions. Double-check the rules of the course and/or tournament before you play for specifics. 



Get Set for Cold Weather Golf 

Golfing in cold weather gives you a chance to master alignment and gain more control over the ball while also allowing you to enjoy the fun of playing on less crowded courses.


Walking the course, layering, protecting yourself with gloves and a hat, clubbing up and using the right ball can all help to make your cold weather golf excursion a success. Now that you have our top cold golf tips, get ready to put them into action.


Schedule a tee time and shop our best sellers for the apparel and accessories you need to stay warm and on top of your game. 


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