Pickleball 101




Prior to our latest capsule, we really did not know much about the game of pickleball. Is it like tennis? Is it like ping-pong? Maybe even volleyball? Well, we quickly learned how fun and unique pickleball is and want everyone else to share this passion. Here’s a quick “How-to” guide to pickleball.


  1. The Match

Pickleball can be played as a singles match, 1v1 or it can be played as a doubles match, 2v2. These matches are won when a team or player scores 11 points with a win-by-2 rule in place. Points are only awarded to the player serving, and this player will continue to serve until the opponent wins the volley.


  1. The Serve



Just like in tennis, the serve comes from across the court into the opponents receiving area. The ball has to bounce on each side of the net before a “no-bounce” volley can take place!


  1. The Score



Singles Match

  • every even point serve will be hit from the right side (even court)
  • every odd point serve will be hit from the left side. (odd court)

Doubles Match

To easily understand this scoring let’s say you are serving:

  • Starting serve will be on the right side (even court)
  • After you lose the volley, the first server on the opponents team is awarded the serve (odd court).
  • After the opponents first serve is lost, the second player on the opposing team will then serve until their volley is lost and it will be your serve again
  • When you’re announcing the score say:
  1. Your team’s score first
  2. Your opponent’s score
  3. The position of serve on your team (either 1 or 2).

For instance, if your team has 5 points, the opponent has 3 points, and it is the first serve on your team the announcement would be: 5-3-1. 

Learn more about pickleball scoring.

  1. The Kitchen

When it comes to serving, it is crucial to remember to “STAY OUT OF THE KITCHEN”. A player returning the serve cannot hit the ball within the kitchen area otherwise the point will be rewarded to the opposing team. However, players can hit the ball in the kitchen after the initial volley if the ball bounces within the kitchen area. 


  1. Have Fun!

This sport is honestly such a good time, go out and try it! The rules come to you within about five minutes of playing and now you can pick up some sweet pickleball merchandise in our shop!


Play More, Complain less!


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