Sand Hollow Golf Course in Utah is a Winner

Let’s first start off by saying, wow! Utah golf at Sand Hollow is very very good.  After we left Wolf Creek Golf Club we headed to the red dirt of southern Utah.  We arrived in St, George, Utah to play some golf and ride ATV’s.  We had an early morning tee time at Sand Hollow Golf Course, and we were greeted with perfect weather. Sand Hollow was a hell of a golf course and extremely fun.  We enjoyed how fair this course was and of course the condition it was in. The front nine at this golf course is cut through the red dirt and tall grass and pretty flat topography. Once you make the turn to the back nine you are in for a treat.  A few holes on the back nine are cut on a cliff’s edge that make for some of the prettiest golf holes we have ever seen. Sadly, I think 18 holes at this course is not enough, we easily could have played 36.  After the round we walked 20 yards from the pro shop to rent ATVs to ride in the red dirt. Not knowing what the hell to expected we were once again stunned by our adventure.  We were cutting through the rocks drive on cliff edges and ramping off dunes. Our day of golf and ATV riding was a pleasant surprise for us.  If we could play 18 and ride ATV 10 minutes afterward every day, we would be happy men.  After a quick 24 hours in Sand Hollow, we left to go on a guided yoga hike in Zion. Since Will lost in golf, Robert got to plan any adventure he wanted. Declaimer we are not yoga dudes, and this was one of the few times we have participated in it.  We figured what the hell let’s get some spiritual yoga and views of Zion all in one.  If you have never been to Zion, then you are missing out. If you have never done a sunrise yoga thing in Zion, then you are kind of missing out lol. After crushing yoga and then dominating pancakes in town we hit the road back to Phoenix.  Before arriving at home, we had to see Horseshoe Bend.  Quick pit stop at Horseshoe Bend was well worth the footage and views.  All in all, our golf trip to Utah was a big surprise in which we have recommended to countless people.


We rate Sand Hollow Golf Course

Golf Course lay out - 9

Golf Course Views - 10

Golf Course Condition - 8

Golf Beer before Noon - 0

Golf Resort Amenities – 7

Golf Course Price - 7

Bombs Away - 7.5


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