Styling Golf Polos for Business Casual Events

man wearing a business golf polo

How you dress for the office and work events matters. Putting time and effort into choosing what you'll wear can help you make the right first impression and will help determine how your coworkers and management see you. 

Still, dressing well doesn't have to mean wearing a tie and a suit every day. In fact, more and more companies are shifting to a daily corporate casual dress code or introducing business casual Fridays. Business casual may also be appropriate for representing companies at events like trade shows and networking meet-ups. But just what does business casual mean, and are polos business casual? Read on to get the facts, so you can be perfectly dressed at the office and beyond. 

Can a Golf Polo Be Business Casual? 

First things first—do polos and business casual mix? The answer is yes. Golf polos are actually one of the most common business casual shirts. 

Golf polos work well for corporate casual dress codes for a couple of reasons. First, they have collars just like traditional button-downs, so they're dressier than tees. In addition, most polos feature trim if they have short sleeves or banded cuffs with long ones. These details further elevate the polo and make it great as a business casual shirt. 

At the same time, business casual golf polos are comfortable despite their polished appearance. Usually made of knit with some stretch, they inspire a more laid-back feeling that suits corporate casual attire. 

What Is Business Casual, Anyway? 

Business casual is a more relaxed dress code that some offices follow every day, on certain days or special occasions. Companies may define it differently, but it generally means not having to wear a suit and tie for men or a blazer, suit, dress, or skirt for women. In addition to polos, business casual tops can include items like sweaters and rugby shirts. Chinos and other woven fabrics are also acceptable for pants and skirts. 

Some business casual dress codes allow for jeans while others don't. Generally, graphic tees and tank tops are unacceptable business casual attire for men. Depending on the dress code, you may be able to wear sneakers, moccasins, boat shoes, and other more casual footwear for corporate casual. Some businesses prohibit sandals because their open designs could pose a risk for workplace injuries. 

Since dress code details vary, it's a good idea to read your employer's business casual policy before choosing what to wear. Still, you usually can't go wrong with a business casual golf polo. 

How to Dress Up a Golf Polo 

We've established that polos can be business casual attire. However, there's a catch. The rest of your outfit will help determine whether or not your polo works at the office and other dressier events. To dress up your polo and look perfectly dressed, follow these tips: 

  • Choose the right bottoms: Jeans and shorts may make a polo look too casual. Instead, opt for slacks or khakis with a more tailored fit. If you absolutely have to go for denim, consider black or a solid dark blue color and a straight leg. Avoid faded or washed styles, skinny cuts, boot cuts, and jeans with rips and tears. 
  • Tuck it in: To look polished, hide the hemline of your golf polo away and wear a belt to keep it from slipping out during the day. The exception is if you choose a polo that has a banded hem. In that case, pair your polo with flat-front pants. 
  • Layer it up: Adding a sport coat is a surefire way to dress up a polo. At the office, you can slip one on before a meeting on a Casual Friday, and at other events, you can wear the coat when you arrive and then shed it once the party is underway. 
  • Get the right fit: A polo that is too loose can appear sloppy and inappropriate for corporate casual attire. Conversely, one that fits too tightly may appear too sporty. 
  • Button it up: While you don't have to do up every button, make sure you slip at least the bottom one through its hole to look more put together. 
  • Don't forget the iron: Wrinkles in your polo are a definite don't for corporate casual. As long as the fabric tag gives you the okay, you should iron or steam any business casual polo before wearing it to work or an event. 

When to Wear Golf Polos 

Golf polos can work for a variety of occasions. Obviously, you can wear one for a round of golf or a tournament, and as you can see, they're a good choice for corporate casual dress at work. You can also generally wear polos for outdoor events like corporate picnics or festivals where you'll be representing your employer at a booth. For many trade shows, exhibitions, and conferences, polos are the standard of dress. 

Outside the corporate world, polos can work well for semi-formal occasions. For example, you may sport one at a beach wedding or a birthday party at a casual restaurant. At some places of worship, polos are also acceptable to wear for services. 

Devereux Business Casual Golf Polos 

Devereux designs polos that perform well on the course and look great for business casual events. Our style options range from classic looks like the Icon Polo and the Monaco Polo, to more modern designs with edgy or imaginative prints like the Yucca Polo or The O.G. Skull. Whatever the occasion, you can find a Devereux polo shirt to suit it. Check out all our polos now to discover your options for golf, the office, and beyond. 

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