The Art of the Golf Swing

Save the "FORE!" for the hack holes behind you. This week's all about turning that 'meh' or 'oh shit' swing into a more spot-on aim for par - well, that's the goal at least. We're talking about the art of the golf swing. Remember, practice makes perfect. We are all guilty of not hitting every ball the way we should, or as good as you'd hope it to be for that matter. Before we lose the long and bright, sunny days of summer we thought about focusing on making the most out of them, and of your golf game (with some help from the experts at Golf and Golf Digest). After you read this and put a few of the tips into motion be sure to hit us up on social and let us know how they worked for you.

 A Fresh Start

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It's all about the basic fundamentals. Maybe we should call this, the art of the simple golf swing. We all know how easy it can be to overlook the simplest of things that form our golf game, which is exactly why starting from the top should be the first on the list. Rethinking or reteaching yourself what you think you may know often proves to be the best cure for perfecting your swing. Read the full article for all the steps recommended to get a grip on your swing.

It's all in the hips


Another great drill to focus on is your putting. The hardest part of any course may lie feet away from the pin. Sure, getting there is a challenge all in itself, but we all know its not easy to sink a putt without these two important things: a great read and a solid stroke. Time and time again, focusing on this means getting to your tee time a half-hour or so before jumping right into playing all 18. This will give you time to loosen up and practice on the putting area most courses provide. Wise words come from Brandt Snedeker in his interview saying, "hinging your wrists and transferring all the energy into the ball at impact, not past it. Once the ball leaves the putterface, there’s no reason to keep moving the putter. Many everyday players use a short backstroke and long throughstroke, thinking that it will help promote deceleration. Big mistake. In fact, a stroke like that can cause an inconsistent steering motion. With a pop stroke, you’re always getting smooth acceleration."
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