"The Valley"

A collection that pays homage to our home “The Valley” - Phoenix, Arizona.  At Devereux we felt it was important to design a collection that resonates with the people of Phoenix and extends a welcoming hand to its many tourists. Golf is one of Arizona’s biggest tourist attractions and we wanted to capture this audience through an authentic collection. We’re referring to this collection as the “new wave” of golf. It features traditional performance polos in sophisticated prints, athletic pullovers, graphic layering pieces and tees that convey the personality of our city. The fabrics in this collection are specifically designed for a temperate fall season and feature perforated polyesters, stretch blend jerseys, soft combed cottons and durable French terries. Our mission is to facilitate a cultural change in golf. For us that means to design with authenticity, breaking down old stereotypes that surround the game. To us, golf is more than how you perform on the course, but also how you can represent the game off the course. The Valley collection is greatly inspired by elements of Arizona that are not directly related to the golf scene but represent the powerful nature of this desert.




This new collection also features a sneak peak of our new logo mark, known as the “Desert Golfer”. Desert Golfer is a skull wearing nothing other than a traditional golf visor – a nod to tradition with a modern twist. The skull represents the endless days of hot arid temperatures and the iconic golf visor is nostalgic effort of revitalizing the time in which golf was at its best, the 1990’s. Take a journey with us through our apparel that tells a story of Arizona and has focus on meaningful design. The Valley is the home to Devereux.




Play More, Complain Less.

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