Tiger's Return?


(AP Photo/Fernando Llano)


Golf fans around the world were welcomed last week by Tiger Woods addressing the media at his charity’s Hero World Challenge at Albany Golf Club. This was the very first time we were able to hear from the man himself about his accident earlier this year and what golf might look like in the future for the 15-time major champion. In typical Tiger fashion he did not give us all the answers we were looking for, however he did provide insight to his current condition and how bad his accident really was. Woods mentioned the speculation (in regards to possible amputation of his right leg) were accurate and he did almost have to make the terrible decision. Thanks to his incredible medical team Tiger was able to keep his leg as we all now know.


Reporters were persistent in mentioning his comebacks in the past; five back surgeries, five knee surgeries, and then a Masters victory-why not do it again? Contrary to his numerous cautionary responses he referenced Ben Hogan’s miraculous return to golf after his car accident and plans to take steps from “Mr. Hogan’s playbook”.  This response was all we needed to get excited for the imminent return to tournament golf for Tiger Woods. As great as the new generation of golfers are, no one is as good for the game of golf as Tiger. His ability to entice people who are not your “week-in-week-out” golf fans is ultimately what golf needs. While we will never see him play a full schedule ever again, knowing golf’s greatest player has not seen his final tournament is something golfers can be excited about. We look forward to watching Tiger in his Sunday red walking down the fairway someday in the near future. And why not give us another classic Tiger comeback, right?


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