Tips for Hosting a Golf Themed Party

friends having a golf themed party

A golf-themed party can be a great way to celebrate your favorite golfer's birthday or to get your buddies together off the course. Companies can also consider golf party ideas for employee and customer appreciation celebrations, and they can even be fun ideas for golf club social events. No matter the occasion, the secret to planning the perfect golf party is to work the theme into every element of the event in small and big ways. In this post, we'll teach you how to do just that.

Golf Party Planning and Preparation

A lot goes into getting ready for a golf themed party, but the to-do list becomes manageable when you take things step-by-step. Follow this guide to make all the necessary preparations.

1. Pick the Right Date

Decide when to hold your golf party. If you're having a golf themed birthday party, you'll likely want to choose a date close to the guest of honor's birthday. Otherwise, consider what major tournaments are coming up and whether you'd like to add elements of the event to the party. For example, you could have a Masters themed party and decorate your space in green.

2. Select the Venue

Once you have a tentative date, start looking for the venue. Depending on the size of your event and your budget, you may want to rent a party room at a golf club, public golf course, driving range or mini golf course in keeping with your theme. Sports bars and restaurants are other viewing options, or you can simply throw the party in your home or backyard.

3. Create the Guest List and Send Your Invites

You have the date and the place, now it's time to make your guest list and choose invitations. Select invites with a golf theme to set the right tone for the big day. You can choose something classic with golf balls and clubs or go for something more creative like invitations that resemble scorecards. Share the date, time and place of the event. If you want everyone to come dressed in golf attire, make sure to request it on the invitation. Ask guests to RSVP by phone or email as you prefer.

4. Choose Golf Decor for the Party

To reinforce your golf theme, brainstorm golf themed party decorating ideas. Here are a few to get you started:

  • Place golf balls at the bottom of your fresh-cut flower arrangements, or simply add range buckets of balls as centerpieces.
  • Use artificial turf cut into strips as table runners or placemats and top off with balls and tees.
  • Serve popular golf-themed food and drinks like pimento cheese sandwiches and Arnold Palmers or use golf tees in place of toothpicks. 
  • Integrate napkins and cups with golf-themed designs, like flags and golf carts, or add golf puns to your signage, like "Welcome to the Par-Tee". 

5. Plan Some Sporty Favors

Send your guests away with something fun to remind them of the big day. For a kids' golf themed birthday party, consider white M&Ms placed in a small plastic container or order chocolate bars or lollipops shaped like golf balls. A great favor for adults who golf is a golf ball and tees wrapped in tulle and tied with a ribbon. Add a tag that thanks your guests for coming to the party.

Food and Drinks for a Golf Themed Party

Plan a menu around your golf theme. Offer snacks that you might find at a concession stand like chips and pretzels alongside club sandwiches. Or, create golf-themed names for your favorite party fare like labeling a salad "The Green'' and a pitcher of iced tea "Iced Tee."

For dessert, order a cake decorated with a golf theme or present white powdered sugar donut holes or white-iced cake pops. If you're throwing a Masters themed party, you can take a cue from our Peachy collection and serve some peaches in various forms like peach pie, peach fruit salad or peach ice cream sandwiches.

Golfing Activities, Games and Fun

Keep guests entertained during the party with the following ideas:

  • Watch the pros play: If you're having a Masters party or a party tied to another tournament, have it playing during the event.
  • Host a mini tournament: If you rent a golf course, allow guests to see who fares best on three or four holes.
  • Put putting skills on display: At any indoor or outdoor venue, you can hold a putting contest. Give a trophy or certificate to the winner for added fun.
  • Test your golf knowledge: Have a golf trivia contest with guests participating individually or as teams. You can gear this activity toward adults with more difficult questions or toward kids with simple questions that ask them to identify things like a golf club or a tee.
  • Play golf BINGO: Golfers, non-golfers and kids can enjoy a fun twist on classic bingo. Write the BINGO numbers on golf balls and shake them up in a large bucket. Give everyone a mini golf flag to wave if they win.

What to Wear to a Golf Themed Party

Whether you're throwing a golf themed birthday party or a golf themed corporate event, the right outfit will put the perfect finishing touch on the day. Our line of golf-inspired tees and hats are comfortable, stylish options for a casual event, and our polos and other golf accessories will have you well dressed for a country club themed party. Best of all, our golf gear shifts from the party to the course with ease, so you can also wear whatever you pick for the big day during your next round. Shop our collections for men and kids to get set for the big day.

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