Top 10 Golf Gift Ideas for the Holidays

golf gifts for men


If you want to make the season merry for that guy who's always ready to hit the course, golf gifts are what to place under the tree, but deciding exactly what to buy may be tricky.


That's why we've decided to play Santa's helper and round up some of our best golf gifts for men. Keep reading to discover our top 10 gifts and find the ultimate golf gift for him. 



  1. Golf Polos & Shirts

When people say a golfer can never have too many tops in his wardrobe, it's not hyperbole. Golf tops are true staples that every guy can use more of, making them great golf gift ideas for him. 


As you shop for tops, keep his personal style in mind. For the guy with classic taste, consider golf polos. Selling for around $65 to $75, they're available in an array of styles and with both short and long sleeves. If he likes to keep it more casual, make golf t-shirts your go-to gift.


Tees cost anywhere from $30 to $55 and feature graphics that will have him making a bold statement on and off the course. 



  1. Golf Pants, Joggers, & Shorts

A great pair of bottoms can take his game to the next level by keeping him free to move and comfortable throughout every round. Because men tend to buy bottoms less frequently, they can make great surprise golf presents. 


For the golfer who likes to play in three or four seasons, consider golf pants. You can opt for classic tailored looks or joggers in an array of colors with prices ranging from $70 to $85.


If he's strictly a warm-weather golfer or planning a winter golf getaway somewhere warm, golf shorts may be the way to go. They cost anywhere from $50 to $65 and are available in many styles, colors and prints. 



  1. Golf Jackets & Sweatshirts

Looking for luxury golf gifts that he'll love? Set him up for comfortable, stylish rounds with outerwear. Pullovers and sweatshirts are versatile picks because they can be worn alone or layered up to suit the weather.


On the chilliest days, a new golf jacket is sure to come in handy. Prices for outerwear start around $60 and go up to around $140, giving you options that will suit a wide range of gift-giving budgets. 



  1. Golf Hats

Concerned about selecting the right size? Golf hats can be the way to go. Hats are more than just style accessories on the course. Bucket hats, baseball caps and visors all provide vital sun protection and shade to help him keep his eye on the ball, and golf beanies can ensure that he's weather-ready on chilly spring and fall mornings and cold winter days.


Typically selling for $25 to $35, hats are affordable gifts for golfers, too. 



  1. Club Head Covers

He's invested a lot in his clubs, so why not give him a gift that will help them stand the test of time? Golf head covers fit down over the heads of clubs, shielding them from moisture, sunlight and physical wear and tear.


Experts recommend slipping them onto all putters, drivers, woods and hybrids, so you can be sure that they'll come in handy. 


Well-made head covers usually cost $40 to $50. Keep in mind that head covers for putters come in different shapes. If you don't know what kind of putter he uses, stick to hybrid, fairway wood and driver covers, which tend to have a more universal fit. 



  1. Golf Towels

If you're looking for golf gifts for men that are affordable but virtually guaranteed to get a lot of use, check out golf towels. They usually cost around $35, and they're something that absolutely every golfer can use.


A high quality textured microfiber golf towel can help him keep his clubs and ball clean and allow him to quickly dry off his face and hands when he works up a sweat on hot days. 



  1. Golf Bags

Even if he's new to golf, he likely already has a main golf bag to stow his clubs. However, the standard golf club bag isn't the only storage he may need. The problem with conventional golf bags is that they can make it difficult to keep track of small essentials like wallets, spare tees and phones. As a result, smaller crossbody caddies and drawstring bags can come in handy on the course. 

Golf bags are thoughtful golf gift ideas for him because they can solve a common problem and are something he might not think to buy for himself. Best of all, you can typically pick one up for $40 or less. 



  1. Ball Markers

If you're on the hunt for golf stocking stuffers, a small Secret Santa gift or an add-on gift, ball markers are excellent options. Golfers use markers to show where their balls are located on the fairway or green if they need to move their balls out of the way for any reason, and players are required to use them in tournaments that follow USGA rules.


Although they're truly essential golf accessories, markers are inexpensive, usually costing under $15. 



  1. Golf Candles

Want to give him a truly unique gift this year? Wrap up a golf-inspired candle. The scents of golf candles will transport him to the course and freshen up his home or office at the same time.


Our candles cost only $24 and come in jars for an attractive look and easy burning.



  1. Gift Cards

When it comes to choosing gifts for the golfer who has everything, the struggle is real, but the job doesn't have to be so difficult. Give him a Devereux Gift Card that he can use to select apparel and accessories himself.


We offer gift cards in denominations ranging from $25 to $200, and we can even ship the card right to them for added convenience. 

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