TORREY PINES GOLF (Good, Bad & Ugly) 2021


We are regular guys that love to golf and try to play as much as possible. One of our goals was to play a US Open course in the same calendar year that is was being hosted.  This is the reason we packed our bags and hit the road from Phoenix to La Jolla, CA to play Torrey Pines.  Torrey Pines in 2021 will host the Farmers Open and the 121st US Open.  We wanted to know what all the hype was surrounding this course so we had to see it for ourselves.  Here is a light recap of our time at Torrey Pines and what we thought.


Torrey Pines Golf Course was everything we imagined it would be and more. The views are incredible, the golf is pure and the rough will give you nightmares.  We teed off at 7:30 AM on a Monday so the course was still very wet and chilly but the morning fog made it feel like we were there for the big show. The front nine was the weaker nine of the two and did not have any great coastal views but the layout was very fair.  You are able to hit driver on every hole and there are a couple par 5's that you can attack.  Just make sure you find the fairway because the rough is ridiculous. I lost a lot of golf balls on the front nine that were just a couple feet into the rough; oh the frustration. After making the turn you are in for a treat for insane coastal views.  I found it hard to concentrate on my game while trying to take in the breathe taking views. Our favorite hole on the back nine North was hole 14. The lay-out and views on this put into my all time list. If you decide to walk the course; like we did, then prepare yourself for some light hiking on the back nine.  After a few sub 90 rounds we hit up a local street taco place and then hurried to our next team time at a bonus course. The bonus course is Coronado Golf Course. Coronado is a nostalgic track that reminded us of high school golf.  The course had a great lay-out and we found it to be a nice relief to play after Torrey Pines.  If you are in need for an emergency 9 and a decent price then hit up Coronado Golf Course. All in all Torrey Pines is worth every penny and a must play!


We rate Torrey Pines North Course 9-10 

Golf Course Lay-Out - 9

Golf Course Views - 10

Golf Course Condition - 9

Golf Beer before Noon - 0

Golf Difficulty - 6.5

Golf Course Price - 7 (we paid $120/round)

Bombs Away - 9.5



We rate Coronado Golf Course 6-10 

Golf Course lay out - 7

Golf Course Views - 7.5

Golf Course Condition - 6

Golf Beer before Noon - 10

Golf Difficulty - 4.5

Golf Course Price - 9

Bombs Away - 7


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