Feeling Good Summer 2021 Golf Collection

Summer 2021, we are back, and we are “Feeling Good!”  The Feeling Good collection is a light-hearted collection designed to spread optimism as we reestablish ourselves during the summer of 2021.  If there is anything we’ve learned in the last year, it’s the importance of coming together. Summer 2021 is chalk full of opportunities to unite and celebrate

community, camaraderie, and our common ground. From the Olympics to the US Open and 4th of July, we come together to recognize the importance of our differences while acknowledging the similarities that bond us. Let’s enjoy this summer together and promote positivity.


Devereux Feeling Good golf Collection 121st US Open Torrey Pines PGA Tour



The 121st US Open at Torrey Pines served as the main inspiration for our “Feeling Good” collection.  We focused on making a variety of golf products and casual golf lifestyle that embodies a laid-back and optimistic California mindset. Our newest collection includes men's and women's golf clothing.


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