Do I Need a Headcover for My Golf Clubs?

golf putter cover on a putter


If you want to cause some controversy in the clubhouse, ask your fellow golfers what they think about head covers. You'll quickly find out that whether head covers are worth it or not is a hot topic that many people feel passionately about. 

What might not be as clear is what the truth of the matter is: do you need to use a golf club cover? If so, should you put covers on all of your clubs or only some? Read on to discover the answers to these questions and to get the whole story on head covers. 

Understanding Golf Club Headcovers 

Before we delve into the details and weigh in on the head cover debate, let's briefly review what golf head covers are and which golf clubs they're best for. 

What Are Golf Club Headcovers?  


A golf head cover is an accessory that you slide over the head of a golf club. Outside, they're usually made out of a durable material like polyurethane faux leather. Inside, head covers feature a soft lining. Felt and velvet are popular options, but can wear quickly. At Devereux, we use faux suede lining for added durability. 

To keep them secure, head covers typically feature closures. Snaps are one option, but they can slow things down on the course. As a result, many golfers prefer magnetic closures that stay closed, yet open quickly when you're ready to use a club. 

Which Golf Clubs Need Covers? 


The purpose of head covers is to protect golf clubs from a variety of types of damage.  

Generally, they're best to put on: 

  • Drivers 
  • Fairway woods 
  • Hybrids 
  • Putters 

Since different types of golf clubs come in different shapes, head covers do, too. Golf wood covers won't slip over a driver or putter. You'll need to select head covers sized and shaped for each club in your bag. 

Why Are Iron Covers Bad? 


In the realm of golf culture, the presence of iron covers on clubs has evolved into a symbol of rookie status. Experienced and semi-experienced players understand that these covers convey a lack of concern for the aesthetic harmony of a golf bag. If you examine the above list of clubs that benefit from covers, you may have noticed that irons are conspicuously absent, and there's a good reason for that. It's generally not a good idea to slip a head cover over an iron for one big reason: rust. Head covers are great for keeping out the elements, but with irons, any moisture on the clubs can build up inside them, leading to corrosion. 

Practical Functionality of Golf Club Headcovers 


We've already said that head covers offer protection for clubs, but what does that mean in practical terms? Here are some the key functions of head covers: 

  • Protect against physical damage like scratches, dents and dings 
  • Shield against damage from the the elements like sun exposure and rain 
  • Help prevent rust and corrosion caused by dents and dings in the finish 
  • Maintain the aesthetics of clubs 
  • Help preserve the future resale value of clubs 

Top Reasons Why You Should Use a Golf Club Headcover  

Now you know the function of head covers, but you may still be wondering why you should use them. Here are some of the biggest reasons why you may want to protect your clubs with covers. 

Your Clubs Go Through a Lot on the Way to the Course 


Whether you place them in the backseat or pop them in the trunk, your golf clubs don't stay still when you're on the way to the course. They get jostled around as you make turns, ascend and descend hills and hit bumps in the road. When clubs bang together while in transit, they may end up with scratches and dings. A simple head cover can prevent this from happening. 

No Paint Is Permanent 


Manufacturers go to great lengths to make their clubs durable, but all painted finishes are vulnerable to wear and tear. Head covers help to keep the paint from chipping over time, and can allow alignment markers on club faces to remain visible. 

Your Clubs are an Investment


Whether you purchased a beginners set or have a pro-worthy collection, golf clubs are a major investment. You want to ensure that you get the most for your money and can use them for as long as possible. Head covers can help you accomplish that goal by reducing wear and tear. 

You Want to Look Your Best on the Course 


Head covers aren't just functional. They're also a golf fashion accessory. Head covers enhance the appearance of a golf bag and allow you to personalize your gear. Plus, they give you a chance to show off your tastes and reflect your personality, something that can be difficult to do otherwise given the often-strict dress codes of courses.  

You Want to Play Your Best, Too 


Wear and tear on golf clubs isn't just an aesthetic concern. Scratches and dents can actually detract from your performance on the course. Protecting your clubs with head covers can set you up for more accurate, consistent play. 

You Can't Control the Weather 


The forecast may have promised great weather all day, but Mother Nature can have other plans. If you get caught in a rainstorm, head covers will help to keep your clubs dry. Even on sunny days, head covers are working hard to seal out dust and debris and the harsh effects of UV rays. 

You Want to Hit the Course as Soon as the Weather Breaks 


If you live in an area where weather keeps you off the course for some of the year, you're bound to be eager to get back to playing as soon as you can. Using head covers keeps dust off of your clubs during the off-season, so you'll be ready for an impromptu round whenever weather permits. Plus, the covers will keep your clubs from getting scuffed up and scratched in your storage unit, attic, garage or closet. 

Find Golf Head Covers That Make a Statement 

As you can see, head covers for golf woods, hybrids, drivers and putters can protect your clubs from damage and help them stand the test of time. When choosing head covers for golf clubs, it's important to keep your personal preferences and golfing habits in mind. 

Style matters, too. The right head covers can help you stand out on the course and give you a chance to express your individuality. Whether you're looking for cool golf driver head covers or unique putter covers, Devereux has you covered. Our head covers are crafted out of fine quality materials to offer excellent protection, and their designs draw inspiration from streetwear trends to make a bold statement. Shop the entire collection of head covers now and find the best way to protect your clubs. 

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