Cold-Weather Golf Gear Essentials to Keep You Toasty

cold weather golf attire


Golfing during the winter months brings new challenges from coping with cold weather to playing on frosty frozen ground to getting surprised by unexpected flurries and snow showers, but the shift in weather and conditions doesn't have to keep you off the course.  


In fact, winter golf offers some unique benefits like fewer crowds, and sometimes, reduced prices. The key to enjoying the sport during the off-season is to come properly dressed in cold weather golf gear. Read on to discover the winter golf attire to add to your wardrobe as you prepare to play.

1. Jackets

Layering is a must for those chilly days on the course. Not only does layering winter golf gear help hold in your body heat, but it also allows you to adjust your outfit when temperatures rise as the day continues and you work up a sweat from walking the course. 


A winter golf jacket is the perfect outer layer for your off-season outings. For the coldest days, you can opt for a warm golf jacket with insulation, while on milder ones, a lighter bomber like our Valley Golf Bomber or windbreaker like our Devereux Script Windbreaker may be all you need. Options with drawstring hoods like our Oasis Hoodie provide extra coverage from wintry winds. 


When selecting a winter golf jacket, look for styles with features that will help you maintain a full range of motion. A stretchy knit body or trim, raglan sleeves and drop shoulders can all enhance flexibility on the course.


2. Pullovers and Sweatshirts

    Beneath your golf jacket, wear a pullover or sweatshirt that can provide extra warmth.


    This approach to layering your cold weather golf attire means that if you do start to feel overheated, you can peel off your jacket and still have a toasty top layer for the rest of your round. 


    There are a variety of sweatshirts and pullovers that are great for golf. Quarter-zip options like our Skull Icon 1/4 Zip work well because their zippered necklines offer on-demand ventilation.


    The classic crewneck sweatshirt is another smart pick, provided you choose one with range-of-motion boosting features like the drop shoulders on our Highly Addictive Crew or the raglan sleeves on our Golf Is Mental Crew. 


    As you compare sweatshirt fabrics, look for cotton-polyester fleece blends with anti-pill technology. Their durability helps to ensure that you can wear them again and again, and the cotton-rich content offers softness and breathability for on-the-course comfort.

    3. Golf Pants

    We've covered what to wear on top for golf. Now let's turn to golf cold weather gear for the waist down.


    When temperatures drop, it's time to store your golf shorts and break out a pair of comfortable golf pants. Our Flight Pant is a great option and keeps you free to move with a drawstring elastic waist and four-way stretch fabric. 


    On mild days, a pair of golf pants may be all you need, but for colder conditions, you can layer up your bottoms, too. Just go up a size in your golf pants to leave room for thermals or tights that can provide extra warmth. 

    4. Joggers

      Pants are the usual go-to cold weather golf gear for bottoms, but they're not the only option. Joggers are another option. 


      Because they tend to be thinner, joggers can be a winning solution for men who prefer to walk the course rather than drive the cart. Just make sure to select joggers designed specifically for the game like our Oasis Active Jogger.


      Their quick-dry, four-way stretch fabric maximizes your range of motion while keeping you comfortable, and their ankle zips can cool you off fast on those unexpectedly warm winter afternoons. 

      5. Socks

        No list of cold weather golf attire would be complete without socks. After all, your extremities are especially vulnerable to the effects of cold weather.


        Plus, you're more likely to encounter dew-soaked wet grass during the winter months, and a great pair of socks can help you stay dry. 


        For winter, crew-height golf socks like our Skull Caddie Crew Socks and Lucky Pack Socks deliver optimal coverage. Great socks for golf typically feature cotton-rich fabric blends for breathability with elastane, nylon or spandex added for stretchy comfort. 

        6. Beanies

          Even if you're layered up, you can still lose body heat on the course from your head. Fortunately, a knit beanie like our Fishermen Golf Beanie provides a simple solution to the problem.  


          In addition to sealing in warmth, beanies shield your ears and forehead from the elements. If you hate to sacrifice the shade from your usual bucket hat or baseball cap, you can even pull on a beanie overtop to keep you toasty. 


          Stock Up on Stylish Winter Golf Gear 

          Great winter golf starts with the right strategically layered gear and accessories, and Devereux can help you stock up on the essentials for enjoying the game throughout the season.


          Our winter golf attire is designed with both style and performance in mind, setting you up to look great while warming up in the clubhouse and feel your best while on the course. Shop our New Arrivals for the latest pieces for the season. 


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