Robert and Will were interviewed by Ramon Vela for his entrepreneurship podcast, The Story of a Brand. In this two-part podcast, Ramon and the Devereux Brothers first chat through the origin story of Devereux and discuss the peaks and pits of starting and growing the brand, then shift into discussing DVRX's new brand model, the "why's" on our shift to direct-to-consumer, and the vision we have for growing the game of golf. 



PART 1: (Listen HERE)

Devereux - The Tale of Devereu‪x‬

In the first part of this feature, we hear from Will and Robert Brunner, Devereux brothers and co-founders. Devereux is a modern direct-to-consumer golf apparel company that helps you save money without sacrificing quality. In Part 1, we hear about the struggles of starting a business, building a network, and searching for the right people.


PART 2: (Listen HERE)

Devereux – The Play More, Complain Less Bran‪d‬

In part 2 of this feature, Will and Robert Brunner, brothers and co-founders of Devereux, talk about their focus. They want to create a brand that’s affordable, functional, aesthetic, and stylish. They discuss their design considerations, the influence behind Devereux, and what big of a role the co-founders’ father played in the inspiration, and much more.