The Seasons of Golf: Is Golf Good to Play in the Fall?

lone hole in golfWhile we often think of golf as a warm-weather activity, it's possible to play in cooler conditions. In fact, there are some distinctive benefits to playing golf in the fall. During the autumn season, weather and course conditions introduce some new considerations for golfers. Read on to learn what you need to know about fall golf and why you should consider hitting the course this autumn. 

The Charm of Fall Golf 

When autumn arrives, most golf courses in many parts of the U.S. become dressed up in the rich colors of the season. Those trees that line the fairways seem to glow with warm hues of red, gold, orange and brown as the leaves begin to turn, creating a striking backdrop for every round. 

The beauty of the fall scenery alone can enhance your golfing experience. After all, part of the joy of the game is getting out into the fresh air and taking in the scenery. Many golfers find courses to be serene and inviting during autumn, and that mood can help you feel more relaxed, so you can better focus on your game. 

For those who don't live in regions with four distinct seasons, traveling north to New England and the Midwest can make for some of the best fall golf trips. If you're planning one, consult fall foliage forecasts and try to time your getaway at the predicted peak point. 

Weather Considerations When Playing Golf in the Fall 

Fall doesn't just change the appearance of the course. The weather also undergoes a massive shift during the season. Temperatures become generally cooler, but can vary greatly throughout the day with mornings and evenings tending to be chilly and afternoons much warmer. In many parts of the country, fall brings rain and even a chance for early snow flurries, making it important that you choose fall golf outfits with the weather in mind. 

If you are looking for a gift reminiscent of that fall rain delay, check out our Golf Candle ‘Rain Delay’ which was made with the scents of an early fall rain in mind.  

Course Conditions When Golfing in the Fall 

The changes in weather that occur during the fall season create unique conditions on the course. Cooler morning temperatures bring dew early in the season, so you're likely to find the grass damp if you schedule early morning tee times. As the season progresses, frosts are common and the ground firms up. As a result, the ball may roll a little further than usual, which a savvy golfer can use to their advantage. 

Benefits of Fall Golfing 

As previously mentioned, there are a few key benefits to fall golf, including: 

  • Less heat and humidity: Cooler temperatures and drier air make for more comfortable conditions on the course. 
  • Better performance: Many golfers find it easier to concentrate when the weather is pleasant, and the increased focus can boost performance. 
  • Fewer crowds: Even very popular courses usually become less crowded in the fall, making it possible to take your time and enjoy more relaxed rounds. 
  • Beautiful scenery: We already touched on the impact of fall landscapes, but it's worth repeating that the beauty of the course can add to the overall experience. 

Preparing for Fall Golf 

The differences in the course and the weather mean it's wise to make a few changes to your golf equipment and accessories for the season. When heading to the course on an autumn day, bring along the following. 

Colored Golf Balls 

During the fall, the sun is much lower in the sky, and this can create a glare, making it difficult to see white golf balls. As a result, it's best to switch to a different color when autumn arrives. Generally, bright orange or highlighter yellow is the best color golf ball for fall. 

Season-Appropriate Bag 

Some golf courses prohibit the use of carts during the fall, so double-check the rules before you arrive. If the course you're heading to doesn't allow carts during the season, consider using a stand bag or a carrier, so you can carry your gear with greater ease. 

Golf Umbrella 

Unpredictable weather patterns during the fall increase your chances of getting caught in a shower. Bring along a golf umbrella to ensure you're ready for raindrops. 

Head Covers 

Just like you, your clubs need some protection from unexpected autumn precipitation. Place head covers on your driver, putter, woods and hybrids to shield them from rain. 

Water Bottle 

Even though you'll likely sweat less during a round, staying hydrated is still important. Fill up a water bottle to sip from throughout your round. 


Get ready to snap photos of the gorgeous views on the course by bringing along a camera or making sure the camera app on your phone is up to date. 

Dressing the Part: Fall Golf Apparel 

As you may have guessed, the best fall golf attire for ladies and men is different than what you'd typically wear during the summer. Follow these tips to choose the best fall golf attire. 

Layer Up 

Temperatures are likely to shift when you're on the course. Dressing in layers will allow you to quickly adjust your fall golf attire to the conditions, so you can feel comfortable. Cardigans like our Desert Storm Camo Cardigan can be great layering options. Quarter-zip pullovers like our Skull Icon 1/4 Zip are also smart choices because their zippered necks provide ventilation on demand. 

Add Warmth 

Topping off your outfit with something warm can prepare you for those chilly nights and evenings. Try hooded sweatshirts like our Skull Patch Hoodie and jackets like our Devereux Golf Bomber and Devereux Script Windbreaker

Rethink Your Bottoms 

Fall means it's time to put your golf shorts away in favor of something that provides more coverage. For casual rounds, joggers like our Oasis Active Jogger are a great pick due to their stretch and relaxed fit. If you want a more classic look, consider men's fall golf pants like our Gravity Active Pant or Flight Pant. 

Get Ready for the Season with Fall Golf Clothes 

Autumn is the perfect time to hit the course, and now that you know about the course conditions, weather and equipment needs for the season, you're ready to get in on the fun. As you're planning your fall golf outfits, men's golf apparel and accessories from Devereux can help you look and feel your best on the course. Shop our fall golf attire collection now to add fall golf pants, joggers, pullovers and more to your wardrobe. 

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