Ways to Make Watching Golf on TV More Fun

golf on tv


Golf is a game unlike any other. Not only is it a test of physical skill and mental fortitude, but it also provides opportunities to take in new scenery and feel closer to nature.


There's also an element of chance that makes the sport unpredictable. Weather and course conditions become an invisible opponent that must be overcome just like the other competitors. 


With all that's so special about golf, you'd think that watching golf on TV would be an avid pastime, but even avid recreational players often don't. Ask people why they don't tune in, and you're likely to hear that they find televised golf boring.


It's easy to see where that opinion comes from, but the truth is that watching golf on TV can be as exciting and engaging as following any other sport.  

Understand the Game 

Even if you're not new to playing the sport, televised golf can be difficult to follow. Knowing how to read golf scores on TV is an important first step to enjoying the game. On the screen, you'll see two columns next to the player's name. The first column will say "total" and tells you how many strokes under par each player is at present. 


At the top of the next column, you'll see a number, which corresponds to par for the course. White numbers below indicate how many holes a player has already completed in the round.


For example, 16 would mean that the player has two holes left to complete and has already played 16. If the number is yellow, the golfer has completed the round and the number listed is their actual score. 


It's also a good idea to learn a little bit about the tournament ahead of time. How much is the payout for the winner? Who won the event last year? Who are the hopefuls for this one? Knowing the answers to these questions will help you feel more engaged throughout the tournament. 

Get in the Game: Betting on Golf 

Another way to get more into golf is to bet on the sport. You can start a friendly betting pool with friends, each putting a few dollars into a pot that the winner then claims. 


Another option is to participate in legal sports betting through a licensed casino or sportsbook app. There are three kinds of wagers you can place through these golf betting outlets: 

  • Outright: Where you pick the winner of the entire tournament 
  • Proposition: Also called prop bets, these bets can be for the top 10 or 20 players, whether something will happen like a hole in one or how many birdies will occur during the course of the tournament 
  • Matchup: Where you decide who will perform the best out of two or three players 

When you're new to betting on golf, start small, and only consider increasing the size of your bets when you fully understand how everything works. And no matter what your experience is, bet responsibly, only wagering what you can afford to lose. 

Take a Deep Dive into Fantasy Golf 

Fantasy golf puts you into the action just like fantasy football. When you have a fantasy team, you'll have players to root for and will have more incentive to track performance and follow scores.


Participating in fantasy golf also gives you a chance to join fantasy golf communities through the PGA and LIV. You can start your own league or join a public one, share your fantasy golf picks and have a chance to win prizes. 

Watch for Skill Development 

If you play golf or are interested in starting, watching golf on TV can have huge playoffs. Get into the game by analyzing strategies and techniques. As you see what works and what doesn't, you'll learn by example and can implement what you've taken away on the course.


Go deeper by watching the content produced by one of the many YouTube channels that let you learn from the pros. 

Connect With the Players 

It's easy to forget that pro golfers are real people who lead lives off the course, but every name on the scoreboard represents someone who worked hard to get where they are.


Different players are at varying stages in their careers. Some are rising stars, and others are veterans thinking about when to retire. There are players who have competed for years without a big win and rookies who are trying to make a name for themselves. 


Learning the backstories of golfers lets you feel more connected to the game and gives each tournament deeper meaning. Follow golfers on social media, read their bios and check out content like the Netflix show Full Swing to start connecting with players. 

Host Golf Viewing Parties 

Watching golf on TV can be more fun when your buddies are beside you, so why not host a viewing party? Invite friends and acquaintances who love the game and get creative with the event.


Add some golf-themed decor to your living room and serve snacks inspired by the game. Light one of our scented candles to bring the course to your house, and enjoy the fun of watching all the highs and lows of the round with your guests.


To jump-start your planning, check our tips for hosting a golf-themed party. 

Get More Out of Golf on TV 

Learning about the game, golf betting, fantasy golf, learning skills, connecting with players and watching with friends can all take televised golf to the next level.


And you're not limited to doing just one of the above. Try different things to see what brings the most to your viewing experience. 


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