Why You Are Never Too Old to Start Playing Golf

a senior golfer taking a putt

Golf is a unique sport in many ways, and one of the biggest things that sets it apart is inclusivity. Everyone from kids to seniors can enjoy the fun of the fairways, and there really isn't a perfect age to start golf. In other words, it's never too late to learn how to golf. In this piece, we'll explore the timeless nature of golf, share some big reasons to start playing golf as an adult and provide tips on how to get started with the sport. 

The Timelessness of Golf 

Golf has a rich heritage that dates back centuries. Although historians don't agree on exactly when the sport got started, it's generally believed to be at least 500 years old. In 1786, the South Carolina Golf Club was formed, suggesting the game had become popular around the time of the Revolutionary War. 

The very first 18-hole golf course opened in Chicago, Illinois, in 1893, and in 1894, the first-ever amateur golf tournament was held in the U.S. Golf continued to increase in popularity throughout the 20th century, and as of 2022, an estimated 1 in 7 Americans have played the sport. 

As previously mentioned, golf is a sport without age limits. The oldest golfer to win a major was Phil Michelson, who did so at the age of 50, just a few days before he turned 51. At the other end of the spectrum, the youngest golfer to ever take home a majors win was Thomas Morris, who won the British Open in 1868 at the young age of 17. In the past 50 years, Tiger Woods holds the spot as the youngest winner, having finished first in the U.S. Masters shortly after his 21st birthday. 

From major PGA tournaments to local courses, you'll see people of all ages participating in the game of golf. After a round, head to the clubhouse, and you're likely to encounter people from a variety of generations socializing. Golf truly is a welcoming sport. All you really need is a love for the game to be accepted by your fellow players, regardless of your age. 

Health Benefits for All Ages 

There are many reasons older adults can benefit from taking up golf, including: 

  • Low-impact cardio: Walking the course raises your heart rate, strengthening your heart and lungs and burning calories. 
  • Strengthening: Golf requires you to use your muscles from neck to toe, delivering a total body strengthening workout. 
  • Flexibility exercise: The twisting and reaching required for a swing supports flexibility. 
  • Balance building: Strengthening your muscles through golf can lead to improvements in balance over time, potentially decreasing the risk of fall accidents. 
  • Time outdoors: Hitting the course lets you get some sunshine to support the manufacturing of Vitamin D and allows you to clear your mind as you breathe in fresh air. 
  • Spirit boosting: Seeing your skills progress can give you a sense of satisfaction that boosts your confidence and self-esteem. 
  • Social component: Golf gives you a chance to socialize and meet new people, helping to combat feelings of loneliness and isolation that many older adults experience. 
  • Stress relief: Exercise has been shown to help reduce stress levels, and many people find golf to be relaxing. Look no further than Devereux’s personal motto: Play More. Complain Less. 
  • Personal growth: Embarking on a new hobby allows you to continuously learn at any age, contributing to personal growth. 

Many golfers joke that golf is their form of therapy. Although it's said in jest, the mental health benefits of golf mean, there is some truth to that statement. At Devereux, we created our Golf Is My Therapy collection to celebrate the benefits of golf and raise awareness about mental health issues. 

Learning Golf at Your Own Pace 

Some people believe that you can only get good at golf if you start as a child, but this is just a myth. Golf is all about muscle memory, which you develop over time. Although many pros started when they were kids, adults can also master the proper form through practice. With golf, it's not necessary to compete against others. Beginners can instead focus on improving their scores a little at a time while they learn at their own pace. 

How to Start Playing Golf 

Once you've decided to take up golf, the next question is how to start playing. Here are a few tips to get you started. 

  • Rent or borrow equipment first: There's no need to make a big investment when you're a beginner. Rent or borrow clubs  from a friend or at the course for your first few rounds. 
  • Get professionally fitted: Once you're ready to invest in clubs, see a pro for a professional fitting. This way, you'll have clubs that are ideal for you based on your height, body proportions and style of play. 
  • Consider lessons: A few lessons with a trained professional can help you begin to develop your skills and start mastering the proper form. 
  • Practice regularly: The more you play, the better you'll become, so schedule tee times whenever you can. In between, you can practice with golf drills for beginners

Dressing the Part: Stylish Golf Apparel for All Ages 

How you dress on the course will impact your performance. Follow these tips to put together great outfits for your first rounds. 

  • Look for technical features: Golf attire with technical benefits like moisture-wicking fabric and stretch panels can help you stay comfortable and free to move on the course. 
  • Check the weather: Make sure that the attire you choose will keep you comfortable throughout the round. Breathable fabrics are great for summer, and layering is a smart move during the fall and spring. 
  • Express yourself: Golf attire can reflect your individuality and sense of style, so select pieces and colors that appeal to you. 
  • Consult the dress code: Some courses have dress codes and restrictions on what you can wear. Check the rules ahead of time to ensure you dress appropriately.  

Start Playing Golf Today 

It's never too late to start reaping the many benefits of golf. If you're interested in the sport, get out on the course and give a round a try. With our variety of classy and timeless polos and pants, Devereux can help you dress for success during your first rounds. Shop our Men's collection now and get ready for the game. 

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