13 Golf Drills for Beginners

One of the reasons golf is such a popular sport is that the rules are easy for people of all ages to understand, and the basic concept of golf is simple. The truth is that golf is one of the most difficult sports to learn to play because of the technique involved. As a result, mastering the proper form is rewarding. Like any other sport you need to practice regularly, and completing golf drills is one of the best ways to develop skills. In this article we’ll discuss various golf drills for beginners so you can improve your golf game.

Golf Introduction Drills

A flawless swing involves your entire body. Activities that isolate each part of the basic form are some of the best golf drills for beginners. Also, drills don't involve real shots, making them a good discipline for those who want to practice at home. Try these golf drills to enhance your swing. As a note, these instructions are for right-handed golfers. If you're left-handed, reverse the instructions.

  • Golf grip drills: To learn to maintain your grip throughout your swing, put a quarter on top of your left hand if you are right-handed or vice versa if you are left-handed. Add your dominant hand and then slowly swing. Focus on keeping the quarter in place. If it falls, your grip is weakening at some point during the swing.
  • Golf hip rotation drills: Put your golf clubs aside and practice the body motion for your backswing, downswing and follow through with your arms folded across your chest. This will allow you to isolate your hips and build muscle memory.
  • Holding a golf club drills: Practice hand placement while holding your golf club properly parallel to the ground. Repeat until you can get your hands in the proper position without having to think about each step.

Golf Swing Drills

golf swing drill

Practice swings are some of the best golf drills for beginners. Once you master the basic swing technique, you'll be ready to perfect various types of swings. Here are some golf swing drills that you can do at home. Please note that they are written for right-handed golfers. Reverse the instructions for left-handed play.

  • Backswing Drill: Grip your club and swing your left arm back until it's parallel to the ground. Film yourself and review the footage to see if your arm is parallel. Continue to work on this drill until you are consistently getting your left arm parallel to the ground.
  • Half Speed Swing Drill: Using your driver, do small, slow chips with your right hand. Move at a slower pace than you would during the game, and focus on keeping your right arm and hand in the proper position.
  • Feet Together Swing Drill: Place your feet together and bend your knees slightly. Do half-speed swings and focus on keeping your feet side by side. When you manage to do so through a few slow swings, increase the pace slightly. Continue until you're swinging at full speed.
  • Step Through Swing Drill: Assume your usual golf stance. During your downswing, put your front foot back, positioning it by the inside of your down foot. As you downswing, step forward and turn through the ball, being careful not to lunge.

Golf Putting Drills

Golf putting drills can help to refine your technique and cut down on the number of swings you're taking on the green.

  • Putt-through tees: Place the golf ball on the ground and surround it with tees, leaving small gaps big enough for the ball to roll through. Practice putting through the tees from various angles to learn how to move your putter on the right path to travel down your intended line.
  • Putting around the hole: Place a target in your practice area. Measure three feet away from it and put tees in the ground to mark the distance, creating a circle around the target. Stand at any point in the circle and putt. Then, move clockwise putting your way around the whole circle.
  • Putting behind the hole: Put a golf club or flagstick two feet behind a hole or target. Aim to put the ball into the hole or behind it without hitting the item you've placed behind the hole.

Golf Chipping Drills

Almost every hole on a course requires chipping, so getting good at it can dramatically improve your score. These golf chipping drills can help you refine your technique.

  • Hula hoop drill: Place a hula hoop around a target or hole. Place one golf ball 5 ft. from the hula hoop. Then, put another ball 5 ft. from that and continue placing balls 5 ft. apart until you have placed 8 balls. Go to the innermost ball and chip it into the hoop. Continue to the next ball. If you don't make a shot, reset all of the balls and start over.
  • 10x10 chipping drill: Place markers every 10 ft. on the ground over a distance of 100 ft. Practice chipping to each distance. First, try to get your ball exactly 10 ft., then 20 ft. then 30 ft. and so on.
  • Triangle chipping drill: Do practice chips slowly and try to make a lowercase "Y" with the shape of your arms and the club. As you swing, keep about 60 to 70% of your body weight on your front foot and concentrate on maintaining the Y. Your upper body should be doing the work, not your arms and wrists.

Get Practicing 

Doing these golf drills for beginners consistently can greatly improve your performance on the course. Staying motivated to practice is easier when you feel comfortable during your golf drills. Devereux's golf apparel can keep you dry, cool and flexible throughout every repetition to reduce distractions and keep you focused on your form. Add golf hats and other golf accessories to boost your comfort even more whether you're practicing at home, at the range or on the course.


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