Teaching Kids Golf

teaching kids golf

Golf isn't just for grownups—the sport can be enjoyed by the whole family. Spending the day on the course gives everyone a chance to enjoy fresh air, sunshine and an activity that doesn't involve phone or iPad screens. Kids who play golf at an early age often develop a passion for the sport. The founders of Devereux are the perfect example. They began golfing as young children and have translated their love for the game into a brand of stylish, functional golf apparel and accessories.

Although the sport has numerous benefits, golf training for kids can be stressful for both little ones and their parents. The key is to focus on making golf fun for kids even as they learn to play. This guide will show you how to teach your kid golf in a positive way.

Tips While Teaching Kids to Golf

Before we get into ways of teaching kids golf swing techniques or golf drills for kids, it's important to ensure that you're in the right frame of mind for the task. Following these tips while teaching kids golf will make the experience better for both you and your child.

Be Patient

Learning to play golf takes time at any age. You won't be able to rush your child's progress. Everyone develops skills at their own pace, and very small children may only be able to work on golf drills for kids for short periods of time. When teaching kids golf swing techniques or forms, meet them where they are. If all they learn during a golf lesson for kids is how to hold the club, that's a success. Do your best not to get frustrated. Trust that they'll improve in time just like you did when you learned to play.

Maximize Practice

Teaching kids golf is all about repetition. The more times a child can practice the correct technique, the better they'll become. Consider doing some home golf training for kids at first where you have plenty of time to work on swinging and putting. If you then decide to introduce them to the sport at the course, go at a slow time, so you can focus on how to teach your kid golf without worrying about holding up other players.

Keep It Fun

Making golf fun for kids is incredibly important. If golf drills for kids feel completely serious, your child won't enjoy the experience. Keep things light, and look for ways to add play into the training. For example, you can take putting lessons at a mini golf course for a change of scenery.

Get the Right Equipment

While you may not want to invest in equipment for early golf training for kids, it's crucial that your child doesn't play with the wrong equipment. Just as adults benefit from properly fitted equipment, children have an easier time maintaining the proper form when they're using clubs that are right for them. Have your child professionally fitted before you rent, and if and when you do buy a beginner's set of golf clubs, make sure it's properly fitted.

Communicate Differently

During those first golf drills for kids, focus more on how to play than complicated terminology. You don't want to overwhelm your little one with a bunch of new words. Introduce new terms and concepts gradually. If you do slip up and use a term your child doesn't know, just rephrase in simple language and keep going.

Show Not Tell

teaching kids golf

Not all children learn through listening. Some are visual learners. Others learn by doing. When you're teaching kids golf, it's not enough to just describe what to do. Demonstrate the concept and then let them try. If they're not getting it, show them again. This will make teaching kids golf swing and putting techniques easier for both of you.

Fun Golf Drills for Kids

Golf drills for kids allow little ones to practice and hone their skills. Try these fun golf drills for kids to make learning to play fun and effective.

Putting Drills

Putting takes precision and control, and beginners will need time to get good at it. Incorporate these putting drills in your golf lesson for kids to get them on their way:

  • Putting around the hole: Place tees in a circle around a hole or target at a distance of 3 feet. Have them start at one tee and try to get the ball into the hole. Then, have them move on to the next tee and work around the circle. Celebrate every time they succeed.
  • Putting behind the hole: Put a plush toy about 2 ft behind a target or hole. Have them try to get the ball into the hole or behind it without hitting the toy.

Chipping Drills

Chipping is a vital skill and is often easier for kids to master than driving. In addition, chipping golf drills for kids give you a chance to teach your child about different kinds of clubs. Kids also love watching how high the ball flies with a successful chip. These drills will help make golf fun for kids:

  • Closest to the hole: Put a hula hoop around a hole or target and place balls in a straight line every 5 ft over a distance of 40 ft. Have your child try to hit the closest ball and try to chip the ball into the hoop. If they get it, move on to the next. If they don't, go back and try again.
  • Basket hole: Put a wire basket on the ground close to your child and have them try to chip the ball in. Move the basket back 5 ft and have them repeat. Continue moving the basket back each time they succeed.

Teach Them To Golf Young

When golf training for kids starts early, little ones have an easier time mastering the proper form and technique. By using this guide on how to teach your kid golf, you can get your child on their way to enjoying their time on the course. Remember that ultimately kids want to learn to play golf to be more like the grownups in their lives. If you're having fun during your round or lesson, your child is more likely to as well. You can add something special to fun golf drills for kids by dressing your beginner like you in boys golf shirts, bottoms and accessories from Devereux.

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